Wall Lighting

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Using wall lights in your room will complement the chandelier and create ambient lighting. Before you make sconce purchase make sure that the wall has the electrical outlets to install the fixtures. There few types of wall lighting styles. Here are some of the most used

Crystal Wall Sconce:

This type of sconce can a single light sconce with or without arms. They usually have crystal drops or pendants hang from the arms or the backplate. Finish options are polished chrome or gold in most cases.

Swing Arm Sconce:

This type of wall sconce hence the name has arms that are moveable, basically they swing in or out depending on the position of the lamp. These lamps are usually installed in hotel rooms to allow night time reading or creating an ambient light setting in the room. Often times swing arm sconces have small shades that go over the candle bulbs. Finish options for these fixtures are usually polished brass or antique brass. In some cases you may see black or silver ones.

Traditional Sconce:

This type of wall light is usually made of iron and they are quite elaborate fixtures. Similar to crystal sconce, these wall lamps can also be dressed with crystal drops such as, Italian crystal, or Swarovski cut crystal types.  



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