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LED lights have become a popular lighting choice for home designers recently for several reasons. One reason is that they are more energy efficient than many traditional lights. They can use up to 85% less energy than an incandescent or halogen light source, which means big savings for you!

Other great benefits of LED lights are that they have long life spans; they don’t get as hot as traditional bulbs can, and they come in an array of versatile forms. Because LED lights are so easy to use and have so many advantages and they are a preferred choice for builders, designers, and DIY-ers who are looking to improve their lighting.

The trend of LED lighting has no signs of stopping in the future. With the progress of technology leading the way in the past decades, things that were once considered futuristic or undoable are now within reach. LED lighting plays into that fact. LED lights are unique in the way that they can be connected and controlled more technically with computers and electronic devices. One of the most unique things about LED lighting is that much of it can be programmed to change color or have a specific color. That means that if you are looking to create a specific mood you can do so easily with the touch of a button. You want to create a dramatic warm feeling? Then change your LED light to a soft orange red. Maybe you want to create a calm soothing environment? Then you can change your LED light you put of a cool blue light that will relax.

The versatility of LEDs means that they are being used everywhere and they provide many options where there used to be a limited few. In Miami you might walk down a street and have seen hundreds of LED lights being used, without even knowing it. LED lights are being used for business signs, spotlights, interior task lighting, ambient lighting and much more. Pretty much any light could be an LED light. As you are driving down the road you might see a lit billboard; those are probably LEDs. When you’re on the beach, the smoothie stand next to you probably has LED lights on their sign and inside too. You’ll find LED lights in all the major cities; New York, Chicago, LA, and of course Miami.

So, how can you implement LED lighting technology into your own home or space? The answer is, that it is easier than you might think. You can find an excellent range of LED lights at Lighting Paradise, Miami’s finest lighting showroom! Lighting Paradise carries everything from LED bulbs, to outdoor LED lights, to table lamps and beautiful LED light fixtures, which makes it easy to find all the LED lighting for your space.

For home lighting design, Lighting Paradise has a number of lovely LED chandeliers to choose from or if your looking for some lighting to help highlight an area, there are also track lights and pendants that come as LED options. They also carry classic flush mounts and other similar fixtures with LED technology, so that you can upgrade your lighting in even the most humble of areas; like a mud porch, garage, or closet. Weather you are looking for something very simple or something very grand there is an LED light available for you. Lighting Paradise is also well known for their custom commercial and residential lighting designs that use LED lights. So if you just can’t seem to find the right piece, Lighting Paradise can make the perfect LED light for you!

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