Enjoy the European luxury at its best with crystal chandeliers

We all want to have that luxurious feeling that a crystal chandelier can create in any space. If you have been to Europe and visited the palaces in almost any city in Europe, you probably have witnessed the glory and the splendor and the beauty of those amazing chandeliers from gilded bronze to gigantic glass ones in Bohemia. For centuries Europeans have enjoyed these amazing works of art in their dining rooms, living rooms and in hotel lobbies and conference rooms. We can easily say that no other lighting fixture create the wow factor that an amazing Versailles or Bohemian crystal chandelier can create.

The sparkling and shimmering effects of light refractions from crystals that displayed on walls and other accents on furnishings, create an unsurpassed feeling and joy in all of us. The gold leaf covered metal arms of Maria Theresa chandelier that is adorned with hand cut Czechoslovakian or Austrian crystals can not be matched by any other lighting fixture. These crystal chandeliers are surely the best the money can buy.

5 Lights gold plated Maria Theresa Chandelier

Full cut Bohemian crystal chandelier with long candle lights. True statement to Luxury Living

Maria Theresa Chandelier in French Gold finish and dressed with Pendalogue crystal drops

How to decide what size crystal chandelier to buy

Before buying a crystal chandelier, there are few things to consider such as size, style, crystal and finish options as well as where to install it. If a chandelier is going to be placed over a dining room table, first measure the length and width of the table makings sure that the fixture is not too big or small for the table and dining room area. Usually the diameter (width) of the fixture should be about half the size of the table in inches where it is going to be placed. The ideal clearance of crystal chandelier from a table is about 38-40 inch.

Types of crystals that are available for chandeliers

Swarovski Strass & Spectra: This crystal is manufactured in Austria and comes with highest sparkling and shimmering due to its high lead content and polishing. Usually very expensive.

Full Lead Crystal: This is another crystal that is also available with high lead content and polish and manufactured in Egypt. Widely used in crystal chandeliers today.

Hand-cut crystal: This crystal is cut and polished by hand on a wood wheel old world style. This process is usually performed in eastern Europe and the crystals offer a high color refraction.

Italian & French Crystal: These crystals are often referred to as molded crystal. Types of chandeliers that use this crystal is, Maria Theresa chandelier, Versailles Style chandeliers and Bohemian chandelier designs.

6 light crystal chandelier in silver finish with hand cut crystals

6 light cage chandelier in bronze finish - round / spherical

Drum shade chandelier - 8 bulbs with iron arms

Two tier chandelier with bronze finish - 12 Candle bulbs and Lead crystal tear drops

Round crystal chandelier in polished chrome finish

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