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Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers Lighting For Home

A crystal chandelier is a timeless piece with the allure of elegance and beauty. The crystal chandelier can be one of the most powerful focal points in your home. Used to decorate the most elite homes, palaces, hotels and ballrooms just to name a few.

There are many different options in crystal cuts and quality that will impact the price point of your crystal chandelier. From the mass produced Chinese crystal that is cut and polished to replicate the higher grade crystals, at a more modest price. To the 30% spectra that is as close a match to the Strass/Swarovski Crystal available on the market. The Strass/Swarovski Crystal will have a laser etched trapezoid logo inside each and every crystal. The higher in crystal quality you purchase the more light that your crystal will reflect.  Crystal shapes and designs come in various different options to suit each style and personally desired look.  Because crystals reflect light, your crystal chandelier will create a luminous glow of light in your home.

A crystal chandelier can be used virtually anywhere in the home from creating a grand foyer look and making a striking impression to anyone who enters your home, (your crystal chandelier should be hung in the center of your foyer or entryway.) If there is a window above the door in your foyer/entryway than the crystal chandelier should be centered with the window so that it is visible from the outside of your home. In the case of a two story foyer/entryway your crystal chandelier should hang above the second floor.  Create an elegant setting in your dining room by placing a crystal chandelier above your dining room table (We recommend that your chandelier be placed 30-34 inches above your dining room table, centered with your dining room table).  A crystal chandelier placed in a little girls room will turn it into a suite fit for a princess. Add beauty to bathrooms, turn your walk-in closet into a glamorous place to change, if you are planning on walking underneath where your crystal chandelier will be hung (we recommend hanging it at least 7 feet from the ground). The possibilities with a crystal chandelier are endless and no matter how style and design trends may change through the years your crystal chandelier will remain an everlasting piece of your home design to be appreciated for many generations to come!

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