Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling Lights, Kitchen Pendants & Bathroom Ceiling Lights for All Lighting Needs


Ceiling light are often referred to as chandeliers, mini pendants and flush mounted fixtures. These lights can be in various in sizes and finish options. Each ceiling light can have a different bulb type depending on the manufacturer, some are fitted with incandescent bulbs, while others can be with Led bulbs.


Flush Mount Lighting

This type of light fixtures are installed close to ceiling. Basically the fixture mounts flushed to the ceiling. Usually bathrooms and hallways use this type of lighting. Depending on the ceiling height, a flush mount can hang about 12”-26” off the ceiling. Flush mount lights can be crystal, iron, or dome style to accommodate small or low ceiling areas.


Semi-Flush Mount Lights

This type of ceiling fixture is similar to flush mount ceiling lights but they don’t exactly mount all the way. They either have a short rod or some sort of ceiling canopy that makes them hang lower than others but not as low as a chandelier or pendant.


Ceiling Pendants

Pendants are usually placed over the kitchen counters or kitchen islands. Depending on the size of the space, a pendant can be a single ceiling pendant or multi light pendant. Each fixture can be individually attached to the ceiling or they can be suspended from track in the ceiling similar to track lights. Check with your sales reps or call our showroom for more info about these fixtures.

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