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Miami's Finest Lighting Showroom

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A proud Hispanic family and veteran owned small business since 1992, we sincerely and truly respect our freedom of free speech, expression, free thought, and the amazing opportunities that this exceptional country has blessed us with! We look forward seeing you and enjoying our nearly 30 years serving our beautiful community, with great prices, huge lighting selection, excellence in customer service and our famous complimentary freshly brewed Cuban coffee. WE ARE TRULY THANKFUL FOR YOUR SUPPORT in these interesting times!




Crystorama has evolved into a design house and manufacturer by building on five decades of practical design experience informed by continuing dynamic inspiration. Under the family’s second generation leadership, they are always trying new ideas, studying, evaluating and adjusting the line quickly. This process ensures Crystorama Lighting designs are of the moment, yet grounded in the authenticity that helped us get where we are today. Crystorama has maintained the fundamental family values of founder Abraham Kleinberg. “Mr. K” has never taken shortcuts to produce any product. He’s always dealt fairly with customers and vendors. Everything he did represented a genuine, sincere effort to bring pleasing to fashion-conscious, design-savvy customers.