Unique bathroom lighting ideas with LED Vanity lights

Although bathrooms may be small, they can really pack a punch when they are well decorated. It's a fun place to show off your style and try out decor ideas you wouldn't want to use in a larger room, like a living room or bedroom. The lighting you choose is an important part of the overall atmosphere in your bathroom. It sets a mood and can help you feel relaxed when you're taking a shower and getting ready for the day. Here are some innovative lighting ideas to try in your bathroom.

Sleek Sconces

LED wall Sconces are an excellent way to make your bathroom feel cozy and even a bit moody. While sconces are often thought of as being almost antique or old-world, we've seen many leaders in the interior design space use modern LED bulb sconces with very minimal, sleek designs. These sconces often have subtle geometric patterns, and they are easy to install for some warmer side lighting. Sconces look particularly great next to a vanity mirror. They're also very versatile and can work well in bathrooms of virtually any style. Brands like Hudson Valley and Fine Art Lamps carry a great variety of LED bathroom vanity fixtures.

Elegant Chandeliers

You might not automatically think to put a chandelier in your bathroom, but it's a fun way to make the space a little more stylish. It's a great alternative to recessed overhead lighting, which can often feel too clinical or cold. The key is to choose a chandelier that is proportional to the size of your bathroom, so it doesn't overpower it. A chandelier is a great contrast to the rustic trend that's been very popular for bathrooms lately. It adds a bit of elegance and glam to any space and can work as the centerpiece of any room. Many brands carry beautiful chandeliers, including ET2 Lighting, Crystorama, and Lite Source.

LED Bulb Vanity Lighting

LED Vanity lighting is always a great addition to your bathroom, but you can really set your space apart by using creative designs. LED bulbs have long been popular for kitchen and living room lighting, but this  trend is making its way into the bathroom as well. They look very chic, striking the right balance between downtown cool and refined glam. They also give a soft glow which is very flattering when you're getting ready for the day.

Frosted Glass Lighting

If you enjoy minimalist style, consider frosted glass lighting for your space. Frosted glass is very elegant in a subtle way, and it's very versatile, complementing any color scheme or design concept very well. You can use frosted glass lighting for overhead fixtures, vanity lighting, sconces, or any other type of lighting fixture. Frosted glass fixtures are also a great way to soften lighting that could otherwise be very harsh.

Recessed Lighting

Another fun, modern lighting option is to put recessed lights behind your mirror. This is a very sleek, modern alternative to vanity lighting and gives your bathroom a look of luxury and good taste instantly. This is a great way to add some soft backlighting to your mirror, which is always helpful when you're doing your makeup or hair. If you have a unique mirror, this is also an excellent way to show it off. Another fun way to use this concept is to put lighting behind a shelf featuring some of your favorite bathroom decor items. This highlights the little details and shows off your personal taste.

Adding some soft, stylish lighting to your bathroom will transform it from a utilitarian space to one where you really enjoy spending time. It also makes it much more welcoming and homey for guests. These are just a few bathroom lighting ideas that have been trending lately but don't be afraid to get creative and really do something different with your space. Visit Lighting Paradise for LED bathroom vanity lights and other incredible lighting options.