Lighting Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Look Beautiful

You must have noticed that whenever you have friends and relatives over at your place, everyone mostly ends up in the kitchen because it is where everyone feels most comfortable. Having a kitchen island is such a blessing in these situations as it provides ample space for everyone to gather around, and that is why it needs to be well-decorated, with ambient lighting. Apart from that, the kitchen island is also where all the cooking activities, like food preparation, chopping and cutting, and even eating, etc.; take place, which makes having proper kitchen island lights necessary.


In a contemporary home, having modern kitchen island lights installed is a great addition for enhancing the overall aesthetics of the kitchen, but you have to be careful when choosing the kitchen lighting fixture for the island. Make sure that the lighting fixture you select blends well into the existing kitchen setting, and above all, compliments the island along with illuminating it sufficiently.


Here are some great and trendy kitchen island lighting ideas for your home:

  • Recessed Ceiling Lights – If you want to give a classy look to your kitchen, you can choose from a wide range of elegant recessed lights to install over your kitchen island. The recessed lights are great for smaller kitchen islands. So if you have a small room space and a relatively smaller kitchen island; beautiful recessed lights will be best as they can be easily installed into the ceiling.
  • Hanging Pendant Lights – They look quite exquisite when installed over kitchen islands.Pendant lights have high brightness and provide the space with a lot of illumination so that all your kitchen activities are performed properly and smoothly. These hanging lights are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and you can select the correct combination that is most suitable with your overall kitchen appearance.
  • Track Lights – These are another excellent option. Track lights are flexible, multi-purpose, and especially good at focusing light, which makes them ideal for kitchen islands. Also, if you are looking for kitchen island lights that save energy as well, then you can install LED track lights. As we all know, LEDs are great energy savers and they can maximize your lamp life and adaptability. However, for large kitchen spaces, fluorescent lights are ideal.
  • Standing Lamps and Lamp Shades – If you want to give your kitchen island an artistic touch, you can choose from different types of classic lamp shades or standing lamps. You can also order custom-made lamp shades and design them in whatever way you want. When installed, they look simply gorgeous and are great for mobile kitchen islands.
  • Pot RacksThese lighting fixtures offer multiple solutions as modern kitchen island lights. Pot racks are both functional and stylish, and allow you place your kitchen-ware on the island as needed during food preparation and other activities.


Lighting vendors and interior designing companies offer an array of unique and exotic kitchen island lighting styles. You can choose from Victorian, Italian, Spanish, Tuscan, Contemporary, Traditional, Mid Century, Old World Styles, Incandescent or Craftsman lights styles, to name a few. If you are selecting any one of these styles, just make sure they blend well with the overall kitchen and provide sufficient light to your kitchen island.