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More than likely you’ve heard of LED lights and know of their popularity. The question is do you really understand what they are or how they can be used? If not, then keep reading to find out all the important information on LED lights and how you can use them in your own lighting designs.

If you do not know what LED actually stands for. LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode and that basically means that an LED is a light that is produced by an electrical current. Sounds pretty simple and they are simple to use and incorporate into lighting design, but of course the real technical side is a bit more complicated. We don’t need to get into all the details, but here are the 10 most interesting LED light facts

1 – LED lights can produce almost any color in the spectrum

The most common colors that LEDs come in are red, green, and blue and by combining the output of these 3 colors, in various configurations, almost any hue can be achieved.

2- LEDs are great for the environment and your wallet

LED lights use less energy than halogen or fluorescent lights, which will cut your electricity bill down. They also hardly produce any heat and last longer than traditional lighting options, which means you don’t have to replace them as often.

3 – You can find LED lights in some unusual places

LED lights can be very small, which makes them useable in unique ways. For example you can find LEDs in fashion and clothing, hair design, and the entertainment industry.

4 – LED lights are super versatile

LED lights are available in so many forms it would be hard to list them all, but for starters they can be found as outdoor light fixtures, indoor light fixtures, rope lighting, and sign lighting.

5 – LEDs aren’t as new as you might think

Although LED lighting seems to be a recent technology, the first LED was actually made in 1962. Obviously they have been steadily improved upon since then.

6 – You don’t have to “warm up” an LED light

You know how some lights take a while after being turned on to get to their full brightness? Well LED’s don’t have that issue, they are instantly at optimal brightness with the flick of a switch.

7 – LEDs don’t have Mercury in them

This makes them less harmful to the environment and also decreases the risk to your own health.

8 – You can up your productivity with LED lighting

The blue white shade of light that many LED bulbs put out, has been shown to increase productivity in the workplace, due to a reducing eye strain and increasing energy levels among workers.

9 – People are using LEDs for health benefits

Red LED lights are being touted, by some, as a new beauty and health breakthrough. People use them for facials, hair loss, and for several other health reasons.

10 – LEDs are directional lights

For many years car manufacturers have used LED lights in headlight design. Unless otherwise configured, LED lights are not multi-directional and therefore are ideal for headlight beams that need to be focused forward.

Ofcourse there are many other interesting facts on LED lights but we compiled just 10 important and interesting facts….

LED Lighting Facts, the infographic version….

miost interesting led lighting facts

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