Common living areas are where people spend most of their time at home. Whether it’s after a long day at work, a busy day running the house, or day long classes, families usually get together in their living rooms to wind down and have some family time. Most people prefer a laid-back atmosphere in the room that they use to relieve some stress. A living space that is used for relaxing usually contains plush seats and cozy furniture. The correct lighting will help bring all of the elements together and create the perfect atmosphere in a living space.


When it comes to what kind of lighting to use, pendants usually come to mind in more casual settings. There are endless styles and shapes when it comes to pendant lighting.  Some styles look more like statement pieces, while others deliver softer lighting and simpler style. If the idea for a living room is to have a warm atmosphere, using indirect light is the way to go. Drum pendants and inverted pendants are the two main pendant types that provide indirect light. Drum pendants usually have simpler design with a softer light. However, if you want to have soft light while still desiring more sophisticated design in your living room, inverted pendants, including alabasters, can be a great fit for your interior design. One can find both contemporary and traditional designs in inverted pendants, and you can see that many inverted pendant models are inspired from Mediterranean architecture.


If soft light is not the priority, then the choices are endless from ultra modern pendants to crystal pendant designs. If a pendant with direct light is going to be the choice, then we recommend using it with a dimmer to make sure you can adjust the ambience to your liking in the living room.




Depending on the size of the room, one can complement a pendant light with table and floor lamps. The overall look will surely provide a warm living room that everyone will enjoy relaxing in.