How to choose a chandelier for your dining room?

If you have no chandelier in dining room, the below content should give you few ideas about size and style choices. Whether you have a formal dining room or casual, Lighting Paradise has hundreds of traditional and modern chandelier styles for any dining room size small or large. We carry chandeliers with drum shades, traditional wrought iron, crystal and elegant designs. Visit our crystal dining room chandeliers section for amazing styles.

1. What size crystal chandelier for a dining room?

The size of the chandelier depends on the ceiling height and the size of your dining table. The rule of thumb is to have a chandelier diameter that is half the size of the width of the table. So if your table is 48” in width than the chandelier diameter should be around 24”-30”. Also the clearance from the table should be about 34”-40” in length.


2. What types of crystals are used on chandeliers?

Some of the crystal types are as follows:
30% Full Lead crystal: This type of crystal has the highest lead content inside the crystal which gives it the high contrast color refraction and shimmer.


Hand-cut crystal:

This crystal is cut and polished by hand and offers a very nice color contrast. Some forms of hand-cut crystals are wood polished which is mostly used on Crystorama Chandelier designs.


Swarovski Elements:

This crystal is made in Austria and has the best color contrast and shimmer and is the most expensive in the market today.


Spectra Crystals:

This crystal is also made by Swarovski Company and offers an alternative quality and more affordable price range.

Italian Crystal: This is an olde world crystal that is usually molded and comes in different shapes and sizes. One of the least expensive types of crystals. Older and traditional crystal chandeliers are usually dressed with this type of crystal.


3. What style of crystal chandeliers are available?

A crystal chandelier can be in many styles and forms from modern, contemporary and traditional.


Modern Crystal Chandelier:

This type of chandelier usually is polished chrome plated or silver plated to give it the contemporary look. In recent years, round, sphere and rectangular crystal chandelier designs have been introduced. Rectangular or linear crystal chandelier can be used over a dining room or kitchen island. Most often these chandeliers are fitted with LED bulbs or halogen bulbs.


Traditional Crystal Chandeliers:

This type of crystal chandelier offers gold plated or brass finish options. Gold plated frames are long lasting, corrosion resistant and offer deep shine. Of course the gold plated ones are more expensive than the others but if you want something that will last a long time and passed on to the next generation, than the gold plated chandelier is the way to go.



4. Where can I install my crystal chandelier?

Foyer Crystal Chandelier:

Depending on the foyer height you can install different size chandeliers. If you have a 2 story foyer with 18 feet or higher ceiling then you can install a chandelier that is 60” (feet) to 72” (6 feet) tall with at least 15 to 20 bulbs.


Dining room Chandelier:

A chandelier can be placed over a dining room table with 34” to 40: clearance. Linear or circular chandelier design are suitable for this application


Living Room Chandelier:

Again size matters here. If your room has high ceilings, than grand crystal chandelier would be ideal for the space. The number of bulbs on the chandelier is also important to make sure that the fixture will have enough lighting for the room. If the ceiling is low 10 feet or 12 feet, than a medium size 24” – 32” diameter crystal chandelier is advisable. Suggested bulb wattage 40W – 60W for incandescent bulbs.

Bathroom crystal chandelier:

A chandelier in bathroom can dramatically change the look and feel of the bathroom by adding elegance and creating a rich environment. Mini crystal chandeliers or crystal flush mount fixtures are suitable for bathrooms. An important point to consider would be to make sure the frame of the chandelier is rust and corrosion resistant because bathrooms are a lot moister than other places in our homes.


Kitchen Crystal Chandelier:

You can place a small crystal chandelier over a kitchen island or nook. If you have a large island, you can also place two mini chandeliers to create a more powerful look.