Anybody who have ever been in Miami, cruised in the streets of Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton can’t deny the Mediterranean influence in architecture and interior design. Centuries of Spanish influence in South Florida blending with immigrants from Latin America and Mediterranean Europe created the appreciation of ornate design and warm colors in decoration. A few things come to mind when one thinks of Mediterranean design: In architecture, the use of columns and large arches paired with plenty of iron work for railings, window guards, door handles and other areas. In lighting, we see the use of alabaster lamps, wrought iron chandeliers, crystal sconces and similar varieties.

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Alabaster lighting is the trademark of classic Italian design, with the texture of the stone giving a warm hue to the light. Alabaster pendants usually have inverted shades that prevent any direct light reaching the eyes. The inverted pendant design paired with the warmth of the alabaster stone creates the type of warmth one expects to find in Mediterranean villas. The frames for alabaster lights are usually iron with a warm finish such as antique bronze, black, dark bronze and similar tones.

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Another choice for Mediterranean décor is the wrought iron chandeliers these chandeliers come in various designs, from ornate rustic chandeliers to more simple lamps with enough graceful curves to make them look interesting yet not overpowering. Some iron pendants and chandeliers also have partial wood frames to amplify the old world look. The use of wood and ropes in Mediterranean light fixtures have become increasingly popular in the last decade, and for good reason.


Some iron sconces and chandeliers also offer crystal design. These light fixtures differ from full crystal chandeliers in that they sport fewer amount of crystals. The crystal decoration in iron chandeliers are not meant to hide the frame, but rather to accentuate it. The combination of ornate iron frames with drops of crystals is a look that is revered by interior designers looking to create the ultimate Mediterranean chic home.