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Your home is your castle, or so they say, so it’s time to spruce things up and show off your kingdom with Outdoor Lighting. It really doesn’t take much to turn a boring exterior into a sensational one. With these 4 oulighting tips for your outdoor areas, it will be even easier!

Tip #1 – Highlight the Façade

The front of your house is what everyone can see; your guests, passing cars, the mailman. So make it beautiful by highlighting the features that you’re proud of or that you want to be more prominent. You can use up-lights to give a dramatic effect to trees in the front yard or under windows to highlight your home’s architecture.

Also make sure to have your door and address well lit by using LED lights or one or two wall lanterns like this one:

Tip #2 – Make a Path

People tend to forget that when it gets dark it’s harder to navigate around. This is especially true for visitors to your home. So make sure that paths are well lit for not only guests, but also yourself. There are many ways to do this, you can use small path lights all along your sidewalk or driveway. Another option is to have a few large post lamps lighting the pathways up.

Tip #3 – Don’t Forget the Backyard

Many people consider their backyard to be their own personal oasis, so give yours a lighting makeover with a few well-placed elements. If you have a fence, placing down lights or up-lights along it will really have an impact and create a fun ambience in the evening. If you have a deck, you can create a mood with a few beautiful deck lanterns like these:

Tip #4 – Think Outside The Box

There are now many outdoor lighting options so have some fun playing around with outdoor lights. If you have an enclosed porch, screen porch, gazebo or similar you can really make it feel homey and styled by having an outdoor chandelier or outdoor floor lamp. You could and a few outdoor pendant lights along a roof line or get creative with path light placement.