When you have summer all year long like here in Miami, Patios and gardens become more significant for socializing and entertainment. Spending more time outdoors also means that the garden decoration in a home should get the attention it needs to look the part in family barbecues and evening parties.


Most people think about only patio furniture, barbecue sets and chaises and not so much about outdoor lighting. This is the reason why in so many houses, you see a beautifully furnished garden with subpar lighting. Just like in the interior of a house, patio design gets much better with the right lighting.


It all begins with the peripheral lighting around the gate and defining the edges of the garden. Post lights complemented by some outdoor wall sconces around the gates is usually the ideal combination, although some homeowners prefer flood lights to accentuate their property walls. Inside the garden, landscape path lights and step lights will gently lead the visitors to attraction areas such as the poolside and barbecue corner. Flood lights can also be used to accentuate certain trees and other green landscape. To complete the transition from the garden to the main building, lighting elements should be used in the outer façade and the porch of the house such as outdoor lanterns and wall lighting.


It is important to keep the lighting intensity in balance to avoid a certain element of the outdoor décor to stick out too much. The use of dimmers where possible could be extremely helpful to find the sweet spot by trying out different light intensities for different parts of the patio over time. Remember that outdoor décor, just like indoor, cannot be perfected in just one day and it takes a lot of trial and error. That’s what we believe is the fun part anyways.