outdoor lighting tips by lightingparadise

Outdoor lighting can really improve the curb appeal of your home and create a welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests. So we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 simple ways that can improve your outdoor lighting with LEDs.

#1 – Spotlight, Spotlight, Spotlight!

One of the simplest and coolest ways to create drama in your outdoor lighting is with spotlights.

By using a light like this one from Trans Globe Lighting you can easily put focus on areas that you want to highlight around your home. An outdoor LED spotlight is perfect for uplighting elements like trees, windows, bushes, fences, and more. Since the light is low and directed upwards, it really creates interest and a sense of atmosphere.

#2 – Light the Way

It might be easy to traverse the paths around your home in the daytime, but when it gets dark it’s probably a bit trickier. LED path lights can easily solve that problem for you and provide a unique visual element at the same time. Path lights come in a variety of styles and shapes, but in general lining them along each side of a path, sidewalk, or driveway will help light your way. They not only create a cool effect by giving definition to these areas, but they are actually quite practical for helping guests and home owners navigate more easily at night time.

The style of the above LED path light is particularly cool, since it is flush with the ground, but at the same time will give definition to your pathways:

#3 – Make Your Doorway Inviting

When you have friends and family over one of the best ways to make them feel welcomed into your home is by having a well-lit entrance. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s one of the first impressions people will have of your house. Having a well-lit doorway and address makes people feel like you want them to come in and that you have a cheerful and bright home. Lighting your doorway is also good for security and practical reasons. You can see what you’re doing when you’re trying to unlock the door and a well-lit entrance discourages criminal activity.

You can achieve all of these benefits by installing an outdoor wall lantern, like this one: above your door or even two on each side of your door.

#4 – Get Creative

You don’t have to be restricted when coming up with an outdoor lighting plan. Have some fun! Think outside the box when it comes to outdoor light uses.

For example this LED light is labeled as a path light, but you could use several of them along the top of a fence, around your pool, for a cool atmospheric effect. Turn the fixture upside down for a subtle uplighting effect around your windows. Just play around a bit and you’ll find there are lots of unique ways to use outdoor LED lights.

#5 – Give Your Garage a Makeover

Often times the garage gets looked over as a place for lighting. This might be because it doesn’t seem like a part of the house or you don’t know if you want to draw attention to it. Either way lighting your garage is a great idea! Adding a light or two to the garage is great for safety reasons as well as aesthetic reasons. By shedding some light in the area, you will make it easier on yourself to navigate at nighttime. It also will make your home seem larger since the garage is an extension of the home and especially with soft evening lighting appears so. For a unique effect, use a couple uplighting spotlights on each side of the garage door for a drama visual.

For a more traditional look you can install an outdoor LED lantern like this one:  above the door or on each side, whatever works for your garage.