Most people use the kitchen area for dining in daily life because it is more casual, easier to tidy up, and just plain simpler. But for those evenings when you have guests over for dinner, a nicely decorated dining room makes the evening even more enjoyable. Dining rooms by nature house rather large pieces of furniture, lighting, and other decoration. Therefore, the most important thing when furnishing a dining room is balance. The size of the items you put inside a dining room has to be in proportion with each other as well as the size of the room. When all elements of the room is set up, no specific element of the room should overpower the remaining furniture, light fixtures and other decoration.


When it comes to applying light fixtures in the dining room, there are a few rules you can follow to maintain the balance of the room.  The first of these rules is about how high you should hang the chandelier. When hung at the correct height, the bottom of the dining room chandelier should be 30 to 40 inches above the surface of the dining table. This is both visually pleasing and convenient, since there will be enough space below the chandelier to easily serve food across the table and avoid hitting the chandelier. Another important rule is about the width of the chandelier. The width of the dining room chandelier should ideally be half the width of the dining table. This also helps keep the balance between the dining table and the chandlier, as well as avoid hitting the chandelier while attempting to sit down or stand up off the dining chairs. If the dining room is large enough, a pair of matching sconces, preferably above a dining buffet, can complement the main dining lamp beautifully. Buffet lamps can also be used for the same purpose, but it will reduce usable space above the dining buffet.


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