Do you “Like” your living room, but you don’t “Love” it? Maybe you feel like it’s boring, but you can’t figure out why?

The answer just might be that you need some designer lighting tips and tricks to make things more interesting!

Living Room Lighting Ideas: Read on to get some of our best insider suggestions for lighting up your living room and giving it that “Wow!” factor.


Tip #1 – Go Bold!

Dainolite BAY-166LP Baya 6 Light Pendant

One of the best ways that you can really spice up your living room lighting is by getting some statement fixtures. Get that snazzy ceiling light that will be the focal point of the room! If you’d prefer some mood lighting, then get that sculptural floor lamp that will draw all eyes to it. When you’re decorating, you should have fun with it! So go bold and beautiful with the lighting you choose! Look at the lights that have brightly colored shades. Think an ornate fixture is too much for your space? That might not be true; there are ways to put almost any light in any room.  Think about trying one of those crazy multi-bulb ceiling lights you saw. Don’t be afraid of something that is unique, because it might just become a favorite lighting element in your home.

Tip #2 – Mix and Match

crystorma pillows

Courtesy: Crystorama

Some people get scared when thinking about all the lighting options that are on the market, but there’s really nothing to worry about. You can mix and match styles, as long as you know what you’re doing. One of the easiest ways to mix and match is if you know what design style you like. If you like modern, then all modern fixtures will generally look cohesive together. If you like industrial, then anything that uses raw finishes and bare styling will blend nicely into a design. If in doubt though, pick one piece that you really like and that stands out and then go with chic classic fixtures everywhere else in the room. Simple lighting goes with almost everything. Mixing things up in a room creates interest though, so get out of your comfort zone and try some new things.

Tip #3 – Create a Mood

creating mood with lighting

Courtesy: Houzz

A really important thing, that can make or break a living room’s vibe, is the ambient lighting.  General lighting is great and is essential in a living room, but ambient lighting really sets a tone and can make your space more comfortable. Most living rooms are multi-purpose spaces, but at the end of the day you probably like to relax and wind down in this room. Ambient lighting is generally softer and focused in certain areas more than other lighting, which is perfect for those times when the room needs to feel more mellow. Some great ambient lighting options are recessed lights, table and floor lamps, and track lighting.

Tip #4 – Use a Variety of Lighting Options

Since most living rooms are used in a number of ways, you’ll want lights that can accommodate any activity. When the kids want to do their homework on the living room coffee table, you’ll want a nice bright overhead light and floor lamps so they can get their work done. When you have a party, depending on the atmosphere you want, dimmable lights would be ideal to create perfect mood. Want to create some drama? Then having some sconces placed throughout the space will create a really unique lighting design that is sure to inspire. Track lights are really versatile in that you can usually adjust the light shades to be pointing where you need light. Have a little bit of everything, so that you’ll always have the right lighting options readily available.

Trick #1 – Emphasize What You Like

Here’s a trick that people often don’t think about, if you have a vaulted or tall ceiling, hang a beautiful long light fixture in the center of the room. It will be a real statement and will also draw attention to this cool living room feature. No need to feel left out though, if you don’t have super high ceilings! There are tons of really show stopping ceiling lights that are flush mounted or semi-flush mounted, which is just right for the normal sized living room. Maybe your favorite living room feature is the crown molding. Then highlight them by building in some LED strip lights that give an uplit effect. If you have a cozy window seat that is great for reading, then don’t leave it in the dark, instead install some recessed lights above it or hang a pendant light for a whimsical and practical look. Play up the features you love about your living room, so that they’re on display and not hidden.


Trick #2 –Hide Things You Don’t Like With Lights…Sort Of

Just like you can highlight the things you like in the living room, you can also hide the things you don’t like with your use of lighting. If your living room has some eyesores that you don’t want people seeing, you can disguise/trick the eye into not seeing them so much. For example, maybe your living room has some really ugly dark rust colored shag carpet from 1976. It is expensive to replace that carpet, but you can buy a torch lamp, for a lot less, that will direct light up and around the room. Voila, no one can see your carpet anymore! Ok, so that’s a bit of a stretch, but realistically it would be better than having lighting that hits the carpet directly and brightly displays that color prominently. Another example would be if you don’t like your wall color or finish. Hang some art on each wall and then use spotlights or picture lights to focus a soft beam on the art. It may sound silly, but really the eye will then see the art much more readily than the unlit wall. It’s not a perfect solution, but it is a trick you can use on big and little issues.

Trick#3 – Make Your Living Room Stand Out

A nice way to make your living room go from bland to blazing hot, is to just use light fixtures in unusual ways. When people see things that they aren’t expecting, it really piques their interest and shows creativity. So how do you do this right? Well, there isn’t really a way to mess it up as long as you keep things practical and ergonomical  aka, don’t install lights that hang low where people will be walking. For example, hang a cluster of mini pendant lights in a corner that needs some light, instead of the traditional floor lamp. Maybe instead of doing a normal ceiling light, you could do a flush mounted island light in the middle of the room – wouldn’t that be unique!

You could even get really out there and do something like mount picture lights above each doorway or other sculptural elements in the room. Just basically play around with things and think of different ways to use lights than what they are normally used for.