The main highlight will be chandeliers; some with Shabby Chic references that are for romantic souls who want to get excited, but it will be Industrial, for those who think about the reality of life. Thus, it is two totally different house styles that, in 2019, will be able to merge to create truly unique atmospheres in the kitchen.

Shabby Chic lighting

A kitchen becomes totally anonymous if it is not properly illuminated with chandeliers that enhance the rooms and furnishings. Everything must be "spectacular" on the one hand, to ensure excellent aesthetic beauty in which you can spend moments with friends and relatives. And for this, Shabby Chic style is the best. You have to focus on light points that are hanging and their structure needs to be studied first, in respect of it’s construction. That is to say, it focuses on the cable that starts from the ceiling and goes down towards the bottom where the chandelier of various shapes that are essential, vintage and worked in metal or glass is placed.

The light that derives from it is directed to a very intense beam towards the bottom and, through the workings of the glass, it filters a certain amount in the environment, creating new shades and plays of color. In this way, a very special double-lighting atmosphere is created that enhances the kitchen's decor and helps to live entertaining but refined moments.

Of course, you have to combine the color of the light that you adopt as ambient lighting by choosing between yellow light and cold light. The first is recommended for environments that are very romantic and worked by curved and delicate lines. The predominance of wooden furniture and shades of brown develop a warm, welcoming atmosphere that is difficult to remain indifferent. The relaxing sensation invades anyone who takes a few minutes in this kitchen. Furthermore, to increase the light in large rooms, it is possible to place fixed light points on the ceiling.

While cold light is highly recommended for a ShabbyChic look with white and gray shades that are the stars of 2019. Undoubtedly, there is a strong and intense lighting ideal to bring out the vintage furnishings that are pleasant to observe. A hospitable cuisine with a classic and rustic "flavor".

Refined and classy with industrial lighting

Do you want a classy kitchen that is practical and easy to use?? Are you amongst those practical people who love to surround themselves with atmospheres that recall the metropolis and its bold colors? The style for your kitchen is without a doubt, the Industrial.

This is an environment that aims to have, as the main objective, the light corners that illuminate certain processes and require highly refined chandeliers in vintage style with a predominance of glass and its decorations.

Every light that is placed in this kitchen illuminates certain sectors, namely the table, sink, cupboard and stove. Designed to be useful as well as beautiful.

When using the kitchen, you must have variations of light tones to make it practical and in the Industrial style, it is essential.

We always recommend the chandeliers that are cold light and very dispersive to make the atmosphere suffused in the environment with beams of light directed to certain furnishings.

The affected area becomes the protagonist at home, creating a stimulating and highly intriguing cuisine.

Although it may seem to be a "contour" element, in reality, light and light points are essential to help you have a pleasant home that is appreciated and enhances all the furnishings that identify your style.

Images: Pinterest