Lighting for Traditional Homes

Even though the demand for contemporary décor increased over the years, traditional interior design is still a very popular choice. There are many facets to creating a traditional home interior. The main items are flooring and other hard surfaces, furniture, rugs, lighting, wall art and various decorative creations. Many people concentrate mostly on acquiring the right flooring, the right rug, the right countertop, the right furniture and so on, and tend to overlook the significance of using the correct light fixtures to create a truly majestic look in that traditional home. For example, in many European countries, it is common practice for interior designers to first select the lighting and where to place them before selecting the furniture that fits the setting.

There are many varieties of light fixtures when it comes to traditional choices. To narrow down options, one should decide if they prefer lamp shades or naked lights. Today’s lighting industry offers many traditional lights with shades, as well as naked candelabra models. There are plenty of both types. Another important decision would be to figure out how ornamental and flashy the light fixtures need to be. Let’s now go over a few different syles of traditional lighting fixtures:

Maria Theresa:



Lighting fixtures with Maria Theresa style have flat metal frames mostly in chrome or gold, and the metal frame is sandwiched between two flat Plexiglas outer layers. These models are crystal heavy, and the Plexiglas outer layers of the frame allows for a sparkly look throughout. Maria Theresa Chandeliers are usually symmetrical in height and width, although there are exceptions such as multi-tier Maria Theresa foyer chandeliers.

Bohemian Style:


In the bohemian style lamps, the frame’s shaft is made of an iron rod that is covered with blown glass. This is the section that holds the fixture together, because the remainder of the light fixture is made entirely out of glass or crystal. In bohemian chandeliers and sconces, you can observe that the arms are made entirely out of glass. Compared to Maria Theresa, bohemian light fixtures have less crystals. In some cases, the designer refrains from putting any crystals on a bohemian chandelier so that the beautiful glasswork of the frame could be better appreciated.

Wrought Iron:


Wrought iron chandeliers and other fixtures have some of the most solid frames one can get a hold of. They are quite heavy as well. Buyers should be mindful of the weight to make sure the wall or the ceiling connection is strong enough to hold the weight. The iron frame displays beautiful curves and patterns throughout that are complemented by rich looking large crystal pieces.

Williamsburg Style:

Williamsburg chandeliers have simple yet stunning frames, with long arching thin arms and a center section glorified with the curves from each arm uniting to create perhaps one of the most gracious chandelier frame mankind has ever created. Williamsburg chandeliers and sconces are for those of us that love traditional design, yet want a simple design. Most models come in shades of bronze and gold, although it is not uncommon to find models in polished chrome.
The above list of major traditional lighting design styles is in descending order in flashiness, with the Maria Theresa being the most audacious one. Each style has its own following, and each will look fantastic in the right setting. The key to shop right is to first do the research before going out into the market to make your purchase. Informed decision is smart decision. As people read more about the various traditional styles, they can understand and appreciate the work behind each style, and make the right choice for the right setting.