While chandeliers and wall scones are the most popular light fixtures, there are other known light fixtures that brighten up the stuff in your house.  Remember that your light fixtures should work with the decor and not against it.  There are many options in the market making it quite confusing to choose the perfect light fixtures for the decor in your house. Before you decide on the light fixtures you want, it’s important to have a budget in mind.


1) Chandeliers

 Chandeliers provide a royal feel to a room and it is a kind of statement lighting which is a hot trend this year. These are a light feature that really pops. Many people only think traditional chandeliers when thinking of chandeliers but there are many types in the market nowadays which will suit your taste and style.  

No lighting fixture can match up to the grandness and elegance of chandeliers.  In many movies, chandeliers are placed in living rooms and dining rooms but these light fixtures can enhance any home decor in any room of the house.  The kinds of chandelier most people prefer nowadays are industrial chandeliers. There are retro style chandeliers, minimalistic style chandeliers, and modern style chandeliers from which you can choose to accentuate the home decor in the house.

 2) Wall scones

Wall scones have been popular for many years. While wall scones can improve your home decor, wall scones are themselves considered as a home decor item.  It is one of the lighting fixtures which come in various shapes and sizes and you will definitely find a wall scone that may suit your personality or the aura of your space. Scones can be used in any area of the house and most scones are bought in pairs.

Most homeowners use scones in hallways, entryways, or bedrooms.  The costs of these scones depend on the quality of the product you are buying. They are needed in places where overhead lighting is not required.

3) Track lighting

Track lighting is helpful where you need a lot of light in one particular area of the house. Most home owners use it in kitchens and bathrooms. In track lighting, the fixtures are attached to a track or a rail where the wiring runs through.

Track lighting is also an ideal DIY task for people. In case, you want to DIY, but are unsure to do it, it is recommended to ask for professional help. Part of the cost of track lighting depends on what style you choose. It is the decorative ones that cost a lot more than the basic ones.

 4) Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting also called down lighting is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling.  It appears as a light coming in from the ceiling.  Though recessed lighting is not a style statement, they do highlight the best features and decor in the room.  If you want a long lasting recessed lighting, go for LED ones.

5)      Flush and semi flush lighting

 flush lighting

In fact, the most common lighting fixtures are flush  and semi flush lighting.  If you are replacing the fixture, you can install it yourself, otherwise you can ask for a professional.  These lights give an industrial feel to a space and are used a lot in restaurants and places that have a lot to display. If you have a room where you have displayed and collected all the things you are passionate about, installing flush lighting and semi- flush lighting gives a classy look. These are versatile and don’t require much space. You can install it, if the ceiling is lower than 90 inches.

6)      Indirect lighting

Indirectly lighting gives you a relaxed atmosphere where your family, friends, and guests can spend time. Indirect lighting is used in rooms where you spend a lot of leisure time watching movies and listening to soothing music.  Home theatres, family rooms, and bedrooms are ideal for indirect lighting. A dimmer switch can be done with your installation as you can choose the right settling or mood you want for the room. This may not exactly brighten up the home decor but it may highlight it in a great way. 

This light makes it perfect for viewing paintings or artwork. It can be installed without disturbing the ceiling surface.  This kind of lighting can also be used to show off certain areas of the house and in comfort areas where home owners spend time to unwind and relax. Beautiful contemporary pendants deliver direct down light such as a spiral pendant.  It is better not to use them as study lamps.