But, how do you decide which style is right for you or what makes a lighting fixture of a certain style?

 Let’s find out more about the different lighting fixture styles available

Contemporary: Contemporary and modern styles are often used interchangeably. However, there is a huge difference between contemporary and modern. The modern style comes from the era of modernism which is now over. Contemporary, on the other hand, refers to a style that is present and has no end.

contemporary lighting example

What design aspects make a lighting fixture truly contemporary?

  • Clean, simplistic design
  • Minimalist
  • Organic color
  • Contemporary finish
  • Abstract design

Modern: A modern lighting fixture are essentially bare except for the bulb. Modern design is a do-over of what traditional designs used to be. So, for example if a traditional style chandelier is heavy and bulky, a modern chandelier is designed to be light and uses metals.

modern lighting ideas

There is definitely some overlap between contemporary and modern but the distinguishable factor is that modern style echoes traditional lighting fixtures.

Traditional: It would be completely remiss if we didn’t talk about traditional styles. Elaborate design, ornate and attention to detail best describes traditional styles. You know a traditional style lighting fixture by merely looking at it. Heavy, bulky and intricate design make up a traditional style lighting solution.

Transitional: This is the gap that bridges modern and traditional styles. Transitional lighting fixtures are usually a traditional style light with a modern twist to it. It is not easy to spot a transitional style light because one might be leaning more towards modern than traditional. What you need to know that it is a happy marriage of the two styles.

Art Deco: This is another buzzword you might have come across while purchasing light fixtures. Art Deco refers to a movement that started in the 20th century. Lighting fixtures were and are inspired from archaeology. Zig-zag lines, geometric shapes and bold lines with sharp silhouettes are all an easy way to find out whether a light is Art Deco or not.

Tiffany Style: This is quite easy to identify. Tiffany lamps in particular have the abstract geometric pattern and stained glass look. These lighting fixtures obviously derive their inspiration from the famous Tiffany glass windows.

European Style: These lighting fixtures are more regal than others. They are an echo of traditional style with fine alabaster, crystal or marble that feature in the design. It takes traditional style a step ahead by adding elegant flourishes.

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