It is hard to beat the understated beauty of a well-made iron chandelier. The warmth of the finishing together with the curves of the iron arms really enhances the décor of wherever it is being used. There are many different types of iron chandeliers, from the ones that are adorned with crystals to more sophisticated wrought iron frames with elaborate curves. Usually iron chandeliers and sconces are used with Mediterranean and Victorian themed decoration, as well as decoration inspired by hunting lodges. The main reason for the choice of wrought iron lighting in such themes is the warmth that the iron’s finishing provides.


The beauty of iron chandeliers further comes alive in large chandelier models. A larger iron frame allows the iron artist to display more dramatic curves and patterns without space constraints. This is why wrought iron chandeliers fit best in large interior spaces such as foyers and dining rooms. A high ceiling will allow more room around the chandelier for the eyes to appreciate all its details. In Mediterranean style iron chandeliers, it is very common to see the use of alabaster glass which is a match made in heaven. Iron and alabaster combination creates perhaps some of the most inviting and warmest lighting design one can come across.


The downside of iron light fixtures is their weight. Wrought iron chandeliers have the heaviest frames in the market, and therefore careful installation is necessary. The electrical box where you attach the chandelier should be strong enough to handle the weight. If the light fixture is a wrought iron chandelier with crystals, then the weight increases even more.


When it comes to pricing, you do not necessarily have to break the bank to own a gracious iron chandelier. We have enough options for most budgets, and our sales team would be happy to help you pick the right one for your home. Call us or visit our showroom for a personalized shopping experience.