procedure to hang and install crystal chandeliers


A Practical Guide on how to install a chandelier 

So you’ve picked the perfect chandelier! Good for you, but now that it’s time to hang it maybe you’re not sure where to start. No need to worry because this practical guide will help you hang that beautiful chandelier in no time at all!

First of all, here are some materials you may want to have on hand:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Screw Driver
  • Tall Ladder
  • Manufacturers instructions for your chandelier
  • Blanket, towel, or rug
  • Chandelier
  • Light bulbs

Once you are ready to install your chandelier, gather all the supplies you will need and have them nearby. This simple step will really help you down the line when you will need easy access to tools. When you’ve gotten everything collected, then you’re ready to get started:

Step #1

turn of the lights before hanging chandelier

Turn off any electricity to the light! Preferably switch the electricity off at the breaker box, so that it is completely off and the light switch can’t be accidentally bumped. If you want to take it a step further and really guarantee that there is no power, you can get a tool to test that there are no hot wires where you are about to work.

Step #2

You will want to make sure that the spot you are hanging the chandelier in can handle the weight of your new light. The average weight that a light box can hold is 50 pounds, so if your chandelier is large and weighs more than that you will need to install a ceiling mount box that is rated for the weight of your chandelier. This is not actually too complicated to do and you can pick up the few needed supplies at your local home improvement store.

Step #3

steps to follow to install crystal chandelier

Once you have ensured that your chandelier will be supported properly, you can move on to assembly. Get the manufacturer instructions out and look them over for proper instructions on assembling your chandelier model. Using a blanket (or similar) to protect the floor and chandelier, layout all the supplies and parts that you need and put the chandelier base together. Don’t install bulbs or crystals yet. Follow the instructions and put all the parts together so that your chandelier base is ready to be hung.


Step #4 

Now it’s time to get the chain ready for hanging. Determine where you want the bottom of the chandelier to hang then, taking into account the height of the chandelier, measure how much chain you will need between the ceiling and chandelier. You may need to cut the chain or even get a longer one. If you are hanging your chandelier in a tall foyer or on a vaulted ceiling, you might need more chain than what is provided. If you are hanging your chandelier over a dining room table, you will probably need less. It is recommended that a dining room chandelier hang 30-34 inches from the table, in an average 8ft height room. So you can do the math on how much chain you actually need there.

Step #5

chandelier wire

Once you have the chain ready you can thread any wires from the chandelier base up through chain and into chandelier canopy. Go in and out every few links with the wire for the correct proportion.

Step #6

Now you’re going to need your ladder and someone at your home to assist you would be of great help. Getting the chandelier as close to the ceiling as possible, you will need to connect the wires from chandelier to the ceiling light box wires. Hot wire to hot wire, neutral to neutral wire, and then the grounding wires will both be wrapped around screw in the light box. Check all instructions to make sure you are connecting all wires correctly and that any exposed wire is covered with a splicer cap or electrical tape.

Step #7

turn on the power for chandelier

Once you have all the wires correctly and safely connected, you can put a bulb in the fixture and turn power on to make sure everything is working.  If the fixture is working, then take the bulb out and turn power back off while you finish mounting everything properly.

Step #8

Next you can follow the manufacturer instructions on bolting the canopy securely to the ceiling. You will most likely need a screwdriver for this step. Make sure and get a nice tight fit, so that everything is securely in place and ready for use.

Step #9

Now your chandelier should be completely installed. Good job! You can now insert all of the light bulbs and turn the power back on to the fixture! If you are installing chandelier shades now is the time to add them.

Step #10

add crystal chandelier

The final step to really finish your chandelier, is to hang all of the crystals on it. You can wear gloves while doing this, to make sure the crystals are all nice and shiny! It is highly recommended to follow manufacturer’s diagram for crystal dressing. Once you have all the crystals securely placed on the chandelier, stand back and admire all your work!

Few other suggestions on hanging chandelier in different rooms in the house:

Hanging Chandeliers in foyer

If you are hanging a crystal chandelier in your foyer, make sure you have a blanket or something similar to protect the floor if a tool or crystal falls on the tile floor or wood floor. Allow enough clearance so that you can walk under it without hitting your head.

Hanging Chandelier in Dining Room: Allow 30-34 Inches from the table

If you are hanging a crystal chandelier in your foyer, make sure you have a blanket or something similar to protect the floor if a tool or crystal falls on the tile floor or wood floor. Allow enough clearance so that you can walk under it without hitting your head.

Hanging Chandelier in Living Room:

Make sure the chandelier’s size is appropriate for the room. Rule of thumb is add the width and length of the room, ie: 12 feet + 14 feet = 26 (in inches) will be the approximate diameter of the chandelier.

Chandeliers come in various sizes and styles, from modern designs to rustic, Mediterranean, and mid-century and more. Modern crystal chandeliers are quite inviting for the right atmosphere and they offer long lasting styling. A Modern chandelier can also be used in kitchen right above the kitchen island or over the breakfast table.

Chandeliers by finish options:

Oil Bronze Chandeliers:


These type of chandeliers are usually made of iron and they are finished in bronze color. This style is perfect for rustic décor, Mediterranean styling, and traditional home décor where the furnishings offer mahogany or wood finish. Bronze chandeliers can also be made with glass shades that reduce glare.

Chrome or Silver Chandelier:

These types of chandelier design is usually a contemporary or modern design. The shiny chrome plated surface offer a great reflection for the crystals.

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