Lighting is the fundamental element on which your must concentrate and you must have a house with light spots to focus our attention on certain areas. In addition to making certain "corners" eccentric, it is also possible to combine the practical use of these rooms.

Advice for being a light point professional

Once we have decided what the style of home furnishings is, we find ourselves dealing with the lighting points and we wonder what the ideal chandelier is. Unfortunately, it is the last element that arises at home but is the most useful. In addition to radiating light in environments, it must also bring together a certain aesthetic beauty, so what to do?

The first advice, as it may seem obvious, is to follow your personal taste. You do not have to choose those that go out of fashion or that are innovative because if you convince yourselves that you "must" like the piece each time you enter the house, then, it makes you all the unpleasant environment.

The determining factor, for the choice of the chandelier, is that which must give importance to the room where it is placed, creating amazement but also elegance.

For each room, there is an ideal light point. Match the colors to the furnishings, shapes and size of the room. The beam of light that radiates creates atmospheres that, depending on the power and color of the lamp, are intimate and romantic or decisive and dynamic. Precisely for these reasons also, its shape becomes decisive.

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The beams of light that are focused on tables, chairs or kitchen can be targeted, so as to enhance these central points, and then blurring into the rest of the environment through the chandeliers that are worked in glass. If you then join a work of the metal structure, you also have shadows and plays on the walls that are always very fascinating. A certain movement in an always very convivial environment.

Chandeliers for the living room, bedrooms and connecting environments

The living room is the central room of the whole house where you must combine a certain comfort with an immediate hospitality. It is a matter of furnishing with taste and positioning elegant, refined and spectacular chandeliers & lighting.

 The most recommended light fixtures are chandeliers that contain Swarovski stones or special glassworks. The light that insinuates inside them creates different colors, a private rainbow that surely fascinates and increases the beauty of its salon without becoming vulgar.

This type of chandelier is also recommended for connecting rooms, that is to say, internal stairwells or corridors of several rooms. Glass chandeliers always have an elegant side that never goes out of fashion and are always present in various forms. The pendants are the most "playful" because thanks to their movement they also give the play of colors that are reflected on the walls.

For the bedroom, we recommend the chandeliers and light points that light up in a suffused way because it is always very intimate but do not make it boring to opt for structures that are roundish in modern style.

It is also recommended to use light spots, only round spotlights, that point directly on the head bed because they excellently replace the famous bajour that are uncomfortable and cumbersome.For the rest, give free rein to your ideas and you will be happy with the lighting you will have in your home environment.

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