Hallways are tricky places to decorate. They are the transition areas from one room to the other, so their design has to go well with all rooms. Designwise, a hallway’s purpose is to create a harmonious link between different living areas. Each area will have a different design. This design difference may be minimal in some homes, while quite significant in others. The reason for this variation is that some homeowners pick a design theme and decorate their home throughout following this theme. Some other families choose to design their living areas more reflective of their character, resulting in radically different decorations in each room of the house reflective of its habitant’s character. This scenario is often visible in homes with multiple teenagers.


Because of this reason, it is wise to use neutral colors and finishes in hallways to maintain harmony throughout the home. The same rule applies when it comes to hallway lighting. Simpler designs and neutral colors will help this area blend with the connecting rooms. Another thing to consider when choosing lighting is the height of the hallway ceiling. Unless you have high ceilings, avoid using mini chandeliers or pendants. Instead, try flush mounts and semi-flush mounts. Remember that you may be moving large furniture to rooms via the hallways and a hanging light may get in the way, damage the furniture, or get damaged itself.


On the other hand, if you do have high ceilings and your décor permits, mini chandeliers can make hallways look exceptional and help have the hallway its own character. If a more contemporary look is desired, then modern pendants are the way to go with hallways with high ceilings. For more advise and recommendations, call or visit us at our Miami showroom and one of our experienced advisors will help you make the right decision for your home.