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Outdoor lights whether to light up your yard or front lawn is always a big decision. Find out what you should keep in mind when buying outdoor lights.outdoor lighting functional

A quick checklist of what your outdoor lights should have:

Function: The outdoor lights need to be functional. If you intend on having a spotlight that highlights your yard’s best feature or if you are buying a light just to light your front porch, you need to look at the functionality of the light.

Style: The style of the light also plays a major role when buying outdoor lights. Do you want a more classic, contemporary look or something eclectic or quirky? Choose from the wide array of lights that go well with the décor of your house. Since your outdoor lights are probably the first thing someone may see when they walk into your home or office, make sure it speaks volumes about your personality.

Number: How many is too many? Don’t overcrowd your outdoors with way too many lights and at the same time make sure that you install enough outdoor lights to ensure all of your backyard or lawn is well lit.

Combination lighting: You can combine different styles and types of lighting to have a concrete lighting solution for your outdoors. Make sure that the designs do not clash or overpower each other, and they are all in sync.

Type of light bulb: LED is the most popular choice because it lasts longer but it is on the expensive side. Other options to consider when buying outdoor lights are CFL or Compact Fluorescent Light or Halogen. These lights get hot and you want to be careful around CFL because they contain mercury and that can be hazardous if the bulb breaks. If you are looking to install outdoor lighting in a large space then you should look at HID bulbs.

Categories of Outdoor Lighting

Security and Flood lighting: This type of lighting is a good option for people who want a greater sense of security. Flood lights are broad-beamed, high intensity lights designed to flood areas with light.

Types of security lighting:

Dusk to dawn lights: These lights do exactly what the name suggests. They switch on at dusk and switch off at dawn.

Motion sensor: These lights come attached with motion sensors and switch on when there is movement outside.

Switch control: These lights can be turned on and off with a switch at your discretion

Wall lights:

These wall sconces offer diffused lighting. These are ideal for pathways, walkways, porches.

Post Lights:

These lights mounted on posts, railings or their own posts can be placed anywhere. The height of the post helps determine the function and placement of the light. Taller posts are great for driveways and shorter ones are ideal for pathways.

Ceiling mount/Pendant lights:

The great thing about pendant lights is that they can be used indoors as well as outdoors. These type of lights are ideal for gazebos, porches and front entrances.

Ceiling fans:

You may wonder what ceiling fans have to do with outdoor lighting but some ceiling fans with an in-built programmable lighting option. So, if you install a ceiling fan in your gazebo, you can easily make use of its light.

Landscape lighting: If you are fond of manicured lawns, rock gardens and your prized plants, you may want to consider landscape lighting to light up the best features of your yard. Path and stake lights are perfect for pathways and preventing accidents. Deck lights attach to the structure to cast a nice, diffused glow. Accent lighting is what you should look at to highlight your lawn.

Atmospheric lighting: You can also install some lights just to create an ambience. A good way to do that is by installing lanterns, table lights, party or fairy lights

Other things to consider when buying outdoor lights

What area needs lighting?

Although this has been covered, this is a crucial element in your purchase decision. The area will dictate what kind of outdoor lighting you should be looking at.

Do you need your lights to be portable?

This is another thing you may want to consider. With portable lights, you get more flexibility especially if you plan on hosting dinner parties or something of that sort outside. You can put up and take down those portable lights according to your discretion.

What kind of power source should your lighting have?

Usually lights are electrical lights but there are several solar-powered lights as well. The solar powered lights do not come with wires and you get more flexibility with the placement of the light. Battery powered lighting also has the same flexibility as it powered by batteries. You can also choose tea candles as a unique lighting option but keep in mind that you will have to keep replacing the candles and they will not be of much use in the wind.

What location are the lights supposed to be installed in?

For example, if your lawn is usually damp then you have to look for a light that is okay for use in damp conditions. Conversely, if you want to install a light for your beachside property, you have to look for a light that can withstand corrosion.

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