lighting advice for small bedrooms

Lighting is so important in your bed room. It can make your space look more spacious and comfy while adding a personal style statement that speaks volumes about you.

It is necessary to note that lighting options for large bedrooms do not work for smaller bed rooms.

You need to strike a balance between creativity and how much space you have.

Remember, less is more.

And if you’re looking ideas for small bed room lighting, keep reading to find out 10 amazing ideas to light up your space.

  1. Buy a ceiling fan with mood lighting: When you’re in a space crunch, it’s time to get creative. Ditch the extra overhead light and invest in a ceiling fan with killer lighting options. But not just any ceiling fan will work. A flush mount one that is hung very close to the ceiling will open up your space even more. Try the Kendal Light Optica fan on for size. It’s a beautiful, contemporary fan that has a fantastic lighting option.
  1. Need task lighting? Use pendant lighting: A clunky table lamp or desk lamp may not fit in with your small bed room décor. For one, you may never end up using it, and it limits the amount of space that you have on your bedside table or desk. For task lighting, use pendant lighting instead. It looks gorgeous and adds an extra slice of luxury to your space. Get the Access Heather, a small yet robust light to hang over your bedside.


  1. Floor lamps: Talk about space saving. Floor lamps are a fun and refreshing way to let light into your space without taking up too much space. You need to get a lamp with big lampshades either. Lamps such as the Dainolite’s Dainostix is all you need. A slender and exquisite way to light up your space.


  1. Swing arm lighting: If a table lamp and a floor lamp is out of the question, get yourself a swing lamp like the Access Epiphanie swing arm light. It’s perfect to create a cozy reading nook when you just want to curl up and stay in.


  1. Frosted lighting: Always remember that sharply focused lighting is never a good idea for a small space. One of the most amazing small bed room lighting ideas is to have wall sconces that emit a soft light to give your bedroom that comfy and cozy look. The Access Mona light sconce is trendy and tasteful, and you should definitely give it a try.


  1. Recessed Lighting: Another way to light up your bed room is installing recessed lighting. It also emits a soft glow like the sconces and makes your space appear bigger. You can have it across the ceiling or on the trims or even around your headboard. Use this Sea Gull recessed lighting for your space to give it the wow factor.


  1. Billiard lighting: Just because your space is small doesn’t mean your style needs to be cramped. Billiard lighting uses an array of beautiful lights together and gives it the air of being a chandelier at a fraction of the cost. Savoy House has a brilliant billiard light called the Lancaster that looks exquisite.


  1. Table lamps: Although there are great alternatives to this, nothing beats a good table lamp if you have space for one. They can be as quirky as you want to become a statement piece in your room. Look to the Dale Tiffany Accent Bulb for that. Or, if you want to go the classic route, try the Lite Source Table lamp.


  1. Cabinet Lighting: It would be really remiss if we talked about the small bed room lighting ideas without giving a quick mention to your lovely wardrobe. Use the Acclaim undercabinet light in your closet to make the clothes hunting process a little quicker. In fact, you could even install one of these over your mirror and skip the vanity lights altogether. Another place that would look be perfect for this is above your bed. It would be perfect for task lighting when you’re working or reading in bed.


  1. Crystal Flush Mounts: Chandelier it up! That’s right. Crystal flush mounts look like a miniature chandelier that make your bed room look like it’s straight out of a magazine. The best part? It doesn’t cost as much as chandelier, and since it is flush mount, it doesn’t crowd up the already small space. There are plenty of beautiful designs to choose from but give the Crystorama Vanderbilt a whirl. It is stunning and beautiful just like your bed room is going to be.


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