A chandelier makes a statement in any room it is put in, but finding the right one for your room, style, and budget can be difficult. There are some great options out there though. Modern chandeliers come in a variety of styles and design aesthetics including edgy, sophisticated, futuristic, glam, and more. So for under $500 you will find that there is an amazing array of fine chandeliers to choose from. These are the top 5 picks for some of the best you can find.


  1. The 5 Light Argo Chandelier by Savoy House

editors pick chandelier


This cool chandelier combines several design elements into one amazing light fixture. With sleek globe light shades and an aged bronze metal frame, this eclectic chandelier could fit into a trendy urban loft or even a more traditional home that is ready for a change. This fixture has some wonderful craftsmanship and detailing in the design elements; it’s easy to see the effort that was put into designing this chandelier. If you are looking for a unique light that will set your home apart from the crowd, then this is the one for you.


  1. The EL-10119 Chandelier from Light Source



If you’re looking for a chandelier that will have visitors in awe, then this is the right chandelier. It features a unique design that resembles falling rain droplets. With beautiful teardrop crystals and a modern ceiling mount, this lovely fixture is sure to impress. Because of the gorgeous length of this piece it would look especially great in an open entryway or anywhere that has tall ceilings. The design of this fixture is so charming and lovely it will be hard to ever turn it off.


  1. Light Source’s 5 Light LS-19755 Chandelier



Not all spaces call for an extravagant or over the top light fixture, in that case you need to instead turn to this beautifully designed chandelier. It is simple, but stunning in it’s quality and refinement. This piece has classic styling that would look great with super modern décor or even in a more livable contemporary atmosphere. This timeless chandelier is sure to remain the perfect addition to any modern home.


  1. The Bohemian 8 Light Chandelier by Dainolite




If you’re looking for a modern chandelier that has some of the same qualities of traditional chandeliers, then look no further than this enchanting light. One of the most mesmerizing and appealing qualities of a traditional chandelier is the use of crystal prisms. This chandelier is beautifully draped with crystals of several styles, but also maintains a modern appeal with its use of shiny chrome and sleek lines. The combined effect is dazzling! This chandelier would fit right in with bohemian, glamorous, and boutique styles.


  1. The Berlin 6 Light Chandelier by Savoy House


This distinctive chandelier features a cool minimal design that would complement many styles. With simplistic lines and a raw unrefined vibe, this chandelier is one of a kind. This chandelier would look amazing in with mid-century modern décor or a more industrial type of interior design as well. The minimalist design lends itself to many spaces and has an almost classic feel to it that is flexible, style wise.