Sconces are perhaps the oldest form of fixed lighting in history. One can trace back the roots of sconces all the way to the torches that were affixed to cave and castle walls. In the older times, candles and gas lamps were used as the light source for sconces. Silver and porcelain were being used as the main materials for sconces in the 17th and 18th centuries respectively. Over the following centuries, with the improvement of production processes and materials, the variations of wall lights increased substantially. Today, wall sconces are the go-to light fixtures for hallways and entryways. They are also great in complementing chandeliers in dining rooms and ballrooms.





With a wide variety of materials come plenty of different designs. Customers can choose from Mediterranean style sconces, traditional wall lights, crystal wall sconces, to contemporary wall lights and super modern wall fixtures that are truly statement pieces.




The buyers that choose the use of sconces for their practicality usually decide on simpler pieces that take less space in their hallways. For hallways, it is more preferable to also use sconces with shades or frosted glass, as this prevents the light source to be too overpowering in narrow spaces such hallways. But if the idea is to add some extra bling to the dining room, the options are plenty. Many manufacturers also sell wall lights with matching styles to their ceiling fixtures.  The matching fixture sets are ideal for large areas like entryways, grand rooms and ballrooms. Many of such models provide more attention-grabbing direct lighting with dramatic designs.





Lighting Paradise carries hundreds of different styles in wall sconces. We are confident that you will find the wall fixture that meets your taste, perhaps for that Mediterranean chic dining room you have, or the ultra-modern high ceiling Miami penthouse. Visit our Miami showroom on 8th Street, at the heart of the city.