crystorama chandelier review

Every homeowner wishes to decorate their abode with elegant and attractive lighting. But then again it is easier said than done. You can’t just choose random fixtures and install them – it will turn out to be a disaster. It is necessary to consider the overall décor elements and theme of your home so you can choose lighting solutions accordingly.


Grandeur of Crystorama

Crystorama is well –known for their sophisticated and stunning chandeliers, which date back several decades. The company has steadily built up a solid reputation thanks to premium quality and luxurious chandeliers that marvelously accentuate aesthetics of any home. These chandeliers are available in brass, white gold, white silver, pewter, and other finishes that match the overall tone and personality of their surroundings.


Points to remember

Before purchasing a Crystorama chandelier for your home, it is imperative to find out exactly what you need from lighting. If you wish to install it as a general light source with a lovely focal point, a chandelier is right up your alley. Please remember these are ambient light sources that disperse light from an indirect source in a uniform way, and don’t work like directional, task, or positional lighting.

As mentioned, it definitely incorporates glamour to the surroundings, but it is advisable to install a dimmer, in order to make it dynamic and adaptable for every occasion. Whether you opt for a fixture that is ornate and multi-armed or simple with a large-scale bowl, a Crystorama chandelier with a dimmer ensures you have full control over the intensity of light. Since the lighting capacity is usually more than actually required, a dimmer is a must-have so the visual appeal isn’t affected in a negative manner. Dimmers help to exude a warm and cozy feel, which is important in a home.

Size makes a difference!

Please ensure the size is picked out with great care, or it won’t matter how great the Crystorama chandelier looks. The idea is to impress guests, not end up overwhelming them with a huge fixture that seems to protrude oddly. A meager chandelier that is too small will not work either as no one will notice. Measure the room’s dimensions and consult a professional about the size of the chandelier before buying.

Crystorama chandelier reviews of popular styles:


Regardless of how your home is decorated, a Crystorama chandelier made of glass is versatile and blends in perfectly with the surroundings. You can hang it up in the foyer, living area, or dining space – it looks good everywhere! They accentuate the ambience of your home marvelously. Nowadays, art glass is demand as well. Multiple, small pieces of decorative glass are wrapped in copper and repeated for every fragment of glass within a Tiffany fixture. At times it is quite colorful, while the glass is set in geometric patterns with a striking finish that makes it all the more eye-catching.


In the ancient times, candles were used to illuminate large chandeliers that would fill the room with light. With the advent of technology, real candles aren’t necessary to replicate the same glow – light bulbs are fitted on top of candelabras installed with the chandelier , so when you switch it on, it appears as if you have lit up a bunch of candles. It is advisable to setup this type of Crystorama chandelier in a living area or dining room.



Crystal chandeliers are one of the flagship products of Crystorama. Perhaps one of the reasons for their soaring popularity is like their glass counterpart; they look good in all areas of your home such as the foyer, dining room, living area, and even bedroom. For instance, you can install a large one in your living room, a sleek fixture in your dining area, and a medium sized one in the foyer.  The “dripping effect” created by the crystals is what makes them look so beautiful and charming, which serves to highlight the ambience in a wonderful manner.  There are traditional chandeliers with rounded crystals, ones with art deco elements, and even modern styles featuring straighter edges.

Flush Mounts

Crystorama 712 Ceiling 3 Light Ceiling Mount

                                      3 Light Ceiling Mount Chandelier

This type of chandeliers is being commonly installed in homes where space is an issue. Gone are the days when these light fixtures could only be hung in enormous rooms with high ceilings. Flush mount chandeliers look amazing and take up little room as the base of the fixture rests directly against the ceiling, so they use up vertical space and don’t really “hang” like their more traditional counterparts.

Yes, Crystorama chandeliers are expensive, and if you choose elaborate designs, you have to shell out quite a bit, but it is certainly worth it because your home will look utterly gorgeous like never before. Go through the Crystorama chandelier review and decide what type of chandelier looks best for your home!