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Eons ago, chandeliers would only be found in palaces and mansions. But nowadays, the price range is more affordable so many can be seen hanging in the rooms or foyers of small and medium-sized homes too.

While shopping for chandeliers, the best place to look is online. The obvious reason is that it has more choice to offer than a brick-and-mortar store as there are numerous retailers to choose from, with each offering their own selection of lighting.  Here are some of points to keep in mind while buying chandeliers online – take a look:

  • As discussed, with more choices at your fingertips, you can take your time in browsing, weighing pros and cons, and then buying.
  • Yes, it is normal to be apprehensive of making online purchases as you can’t physically inspect the goods for quality. But you can verify the retailer’s credibility by finding out more about the company online, checking forums, and other information channels like review websites. An outfit that provides top quality items won’t have too many poor reviews, so look for retailers with more positive reviews. However, you should steer clear if the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, as it could indicate fake feedback.
  • Go through the returns policy, and terms & conditions before conducting monetary transactions. Order the chandelier that you want, and after it arrives, please check to see if it is as per expectations. If all goes well, you can purchase more from the same company, but if the quality is inferior, you have the option to send it back. A decent retailer lets you return goods that are inferior or have manufacturing defects.
  • Always ensure the site is using a secure payment gateway while conducting transactions. If you are unsure about paying online, check to see if they offer a “cash on delivery”  option so you can wait for the chandelier to arrive and then pay or check for  “In-store pick-up” option, and by opting this method you will even see how the chandelier look like.

There is definitely no denying that chandeliers make perfect lighting and home decor choices for dining rooms, living rooms, foyers or hallways.  LightingParadise offer a wide selection of choices, designs and payment options, so conduct thorough research and comparison of the online store’s prices, payment modes, as well as warranty and return options before buying chandeliers online.