So you have decided to hang a chandelier in your home! That’s fine, but how do you decide which is the right size? This part is indeed quite complex so you have to proceed with caution. If it is too big, it will consume the space and spoil the ambience, but if it is very small, the entire purpose is lost.

It is imperative that while selecting a chandelier for your home, you get the size right, so here is a chandelier size guide:


The higher the ceiling, the taller should be the chandeliers. It is best to multiply the ceiling height by 2.5 to 3 in order to get the measurement in inches. For instance, a 10-foot ceiling needs a chandelier height of around 25 to 30 inches.


The width of the chandelier depends upon the dimensions of the room. Add the length and width – please remember to convert the answer to inches. Whatever be the number, it should give you the diameter of the fixture. Say your room measures 10 by 14 feet; the diameter of the fixtures is approximately 24 inches. But please keep the following pointers in mind:

  • The fixture should be 17 to 20 inch wide if the room is smaller than 10 by 10 feet.
  • If the room measures 12 by 12 feet, the fixture needs to be 22 to 27 inches wide.
  • Fixtures have to be 24 to 31 inches wide if the room is around 14 by 14 feet.
  • If you hang the chandelier above a dining table, don’t forget to take the size of the table into consideration. It should be around 2/3-3/4 of the table width. So a 12 by 12 feet room will have a chandelier of 24 inch diameter.

Hanging Height

The way you hang the chandelier, or to be more precise its hanging height, not only affects the aesthetics of the space, but also impacts functionality. If you hang it too close to the ceiling, the light will not be distributed evenly, but if it is too low down it will literally be an obstacle and disrupt movement.

By Placement

  • If you hang the fixture in an open pathway, it should have a minimum of 7 feet of clearance to the floor.
  • Have you hung it in a bathroom? Make sure it is at least 3 feet from the tub.
  • If it is over a bath tub, the clearance should be over 8 feet.
  • Ceilings over 8 feet means you add 3 inches of hanging height per foot.

Hope this chandelier size guide has been useful!