Updating or remodeling a restroom in your home? then a bathroom vanity is a must on your list. The first step would be to be to measure your space.  If you do not plan on doing a complete remodel than you will need to be sure to make selections that will complement the existing look and flow of your bathroom.


There are several choices as far as bathroom vanities go. The biggest choice will be whether you would like to purchase a bathroom vanity, with a counter top or one without. If you choose to purchase a vanity that comes with a countertop be sure to select one that coordinates well with your existing flooring and shower.  If you would rather give your vanity a more unique look and style better suited to your deign and personality choices, than this would be a better option for you.  Another option would be to go with a modern vanity.


Size and functionality are important factors in your vanity choice. Double vanities coordinate beautifully in larger bathrooms and can help to alleviate the stress of having to share the sink with a spouse or kids. The added space, storage and second sink can make getting ready a little easier.  We offer a large selection of double vanities that include either shelves, drawers or a combination, to fit your personal needs.


The single vanity can also be purchased with or without a counter top. Single vanities come in a wide range of options, from half-moon, corner, wide vanities to pedestal sinks. When choosing a single vanity it is important to take good measurements to ensure the proper fit and flow in your bathroom. You can find the perfect size and style to fit your needs.


We offer several options in bathroom fixtures to compliment your bathroom remodel or update. We suggest choosing fixtures that will match one another in color and texture. Matching your bathroom faucet to the bathroom hardware and accessories will make for a much more uniform clean look to your bathroom.