bathroom with no windows

Bathroom With NO Windows

Advantages of having bathroom with windows

  • Open the window to allow the breeze to enter the washroom and cross-ventilate air to remove any odor or smell in the washroom.
  • With the luxury of having a window, the sunlight passing through in summers can remove any germs or bacteria in the air. In winters, during the peak sun-rise time, you can have warm natural beautiful sunlight to make you feel cozy and comfortable.
  • Having natural light can also generate some savings in terms of usage of electricity. By having natural sun light, you do not require to turn on lights in washroom in day time. Secondly, windows can be opened rather than turning on exhaust fans for the purpose of ventilation which can again save electricity cost.
  • Having a window in your washroom makes your washroom look larger due to natural light and space.
  • Windows can be used to decor the washroom as well. There are several windows in the market which are quite fancy and they give a good look to the washroom.

However, there are some disadvantages as well for having windows in washroom.


  • The biggest drawback of having a window is the privacy being compromised. If you live in a crowded neighborhood, having a large window would not be the most appropriate option. You would probably need curtains or the sheet would a needed to cover the window.
  • Windows must be properly closed when the shower is on otherwise the water can leak over the walls and cause damage to the wallboard and cause mold.
  • Fancy and large windows can be costly. Therefore, some windows with bigger size and style could be heavy on budget for some people.

Anyway, if you have decided not to have a window in your washroom, you can still light & decorate your washroom. Here are a few tips:

Light Colored Paint

The washroom should always be painted with a light-colored paint. Secondly, you can keep the same color for other furniture and equipment in the washroom as well which will make the washroom look bigger. The most common color that is used to make the washroom look brighter is the color “White”. However, at the same time, it requires more effort as well to keep the washroom paint clean as well if the color is much brighter.


Having mirrors in the washroom can cause the light present in the washroom to reflect around the room creating more light and make the washroom look more lightened, spacious and larger. Washroom should not be cluttered with mirrors all over the place otherwise it will create too many reflections and create confusion. Mirrors should be intelligently used and placed opposite to shiny equipment or furniture therefore more light could be reflected.


Getting a skylight installed in the washroom can also help to brighten the washroom. This will allow you to have sunlight during the day and beautiful moonlight during the night. Having sunlight during the day can result in electricity savings for you as well. Furthermore, the best thing about having a skylight is that your privacy is not invaded either if you compare it with windows. Moreover, in some circumstances, installing a skylight can also be a cheaper option and monetary beneficial for you if you compare it with the purchase and installation of a window that is fancy and large. Another option in skylight is to have a ventilating skylight which also allows you to open the skylight and let the fresh air come in for the purpose of ventilation and cleaning any bad odor.

LED Lights

Bathroom LED Lighting

One way to bright up the washroom is by having LED lights on your walls, even in your cabinets. You can also have lamps or even candles in the washroom to light up the washroom. LED lights can brighten up the washroom very quickly. Another benefit of LED light is that it does not consume a lot of electricity and therefore would not be a burden on your electricity bills.

Shiny Accessories and Furniture

The benefit of having shiny furniture in your washroom is that it will allow the light to reflect around the room and brighten the washroom. Mirrored or stainless steel surfaces can also be used to lighten up the washroom. Placing mirrors opposite to these shiny surfaces will create more light and reflection in the washroom making it look larger.

Sleek Furniture and Equipment

The washroom should not be crowded with heavy furniture and equipment. There should be sufficient space to walk and move around the washroom. Keeping only the necessary or value adding equipment in the washroom can help you to create more space and make your washroom look bigger. Ideally, the point to consider when purchasing furniture or equipment should be that it serves the purpose with the smallest possible size especially in the case where you have space constraints.

Air Freshener & Odor Remover

Even though this directly does not impact on lighting up the washroom, but it is a must have in your washroom. If the air is smelly in your washroom, you will not want to stay there for long. Having good air in your washroom makes you feel good about the environment and is an impactor on the mood.

Bathroom Fan

Bathroom fan has the similar impact as the air freshener and the bad odor remover. The fan can help to ventilate the air and allow you to breathe much easily in the washroom, make you feel more comfortable and light. Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in a house or a building, therefore it should be spacious, lightened and clean to use.

Shade Loving Plants

Having plants in your washroom that do not require sunlight can generate oxygen and make the air more breathable in your washroom. It can also make your washroom look more neat, clean and more close to nature.

Striking Colors

One way to brighten your washroom area is to use wallpapers that have striking or very bright colors. This will make your washroom look more lightened during the day and less gloomy or dark. The brighter the washroom is, the better you will feel in it.


There are several ways to make your washroom brighter and lighter without having a window. Skylight can be a very useful alternative with multiple benefits at the same time. By tweaking some furniture and paint colors in your washroom, you can make it even better. This can result in electricity savings, fresh air, air ventilation, no privacy invasion and several other benefits.