Bathroom Lighting Guide

You know how some people’s bathrooms look like as if they came straight out of a magazine. Want to know the difference between a bathroom that is just fine and a bathroom that is fantastic? The answer is, it’s all in the details!

Hettinger_Bath_Detail_B Gladstone_Detail_A Kerrville_Bath

One of the details that is sometimes overlooked, but has a big impact, is lighting design. Whether you have a simple practical bathroom or the palace of all bathrooms, if your bathroom doesn’t have the perfect lighting, then you have room to up its WOW factor. Here are some tips and tricks we’ve compiled on how you can light your bathroom up the right way.


Get the right size light for your space


Heard the saying “if the shoe fits, wear it”? Well “if the light fits, put it in your bathroom!” That is to say if you have a big bathroom, hang that big statement light. It will look great stylistically and on a more practical level, it will more easily shed light on all the corners of the room. On the other hand if you have a smaller bathroom, then you don’t need that big light and it in fact could make your bathroom feel and look even smaller. That’s not to say that a large bathroom couldn’t have a small light, but if it does you might want to do 2-3 of the same light over the tub or the sinks. Same goes for a compact bathroom; you don’t have to be relegated to small fixtures only, but if you choose a larger piece, then choose one that isn’t one solid mass. Something more like a chandelier or sculptural pendant would help the eye to be able to move around in a small room.


Set your bathroom apart from the crowd


If you’re tired of always following the “rules” and want to do something unique in your bathroom, then try a new take on lighting design. Sometimes rules are meant for breaking. Am I right? That means that you can step outside the box with how you place and use lighting fixtures. For example, probably the most common light fixture used in the bathroom is a flush mount light. Not to say that there is anything wrong with flush mounts or that there aren’t some really cool and unique ones, but why not try something new! Hang that ultra modern chandelier in the middle of the room (as long as you have tall ceilings)! Hang those mini pendant lights on the sides of your vanity mirrors! Use a recessed light above the toilet! Why not? It is the throne after all. Get a little creative and the style payoffs could be big.


Put lighting where you actually need it


When it really comes down to it. The bathroom is a functional space. So you need to be conscious of where you’ll want to be able to see clearly and areas that will need to be brightly lit. Generally that will be a couple places. For one you will want great lighting above the sink; in front of the mirror. This is where you’ll want to shave, put makeup on, and in general check your appearance. So light that baby up!


Sconces are great for lighting your face at the right level, so as to not cause weird shadows. Put a couple on each side of the mirror for a practical and beautiful addition to your bathroom. Another area that you might want to shed some light on is the shower or bathtub. For above a shower you’ll especially want a light that can withstand moisture. Many people use recessed lights in this capacity. For the bathtub a pendant light might be just right to add some pizazz and to hang at the right level.


Hopefully these tips can assist you with your bathroom lighting design. There are many beautiful light fixtures out there. You can use them to totally change the aesthetics of your bathroom or of course brighten it up.