Today’s modern bathrooms demand proper lighting. It is no longer about using the right amount or quality of light—it’s also important to go for good vanity light with a style that complements your bathroom décor and existing fixtures.

Given all the factors that go into a properly lit bath space—location of the lights, types of bulbs, and the size of the fixtures—there a few aspects that you should consider tweaking. Here are top tips for getting your modern bath vanity lighting right, especially if you are doing for the first time.

Opt For Vanity Lights with LED

One of the best ways to enhance the ambiance of your bathroom is to install LED vanity lights. Not only are LEDs energy-saving but they are also minimal in appearance, making them more appealing in your bathroom and any residential space. They are also convenient considering that you don’t have to replace them for years. Besides, LED vanity lights come in varying color temperatures, making it easy to choose your ideal color for a specific application.

Apart from color temperature, the quality of vanity lights with LED is also dictated by the color rendering index (CRI). It is important to go for LED vanity lights with CRI of 90 and above because they not only provide higher levels of brightness but also produce light that’s close to the natural light. They are, therefore, perfect for shaving, grooming, applying makeup and more.

Proper Sizing of LED Lighting for Bathrooms

While you should ensure that your bathroom has plenty of light, proper sizing of your LED lights is also critical. If you are using bath light bars, for instance, go for options that aren’t wider than your cabinet or vanity. It is advisable to choose vanity LED light bars that are about 75% of your mirror’s width.

In addition, mount your LED lighting high off the floor—about 78 inches—and center them with your cabinet for a balanced, finished look. Consider using more than one LED light bar when you have a double sink setup or long vanity.

Decorative LED Vanity Lights

For more aesthetic appeal, consider including decorative LED vanity lights like artsy light shades, LED sconce bath vanity, and other types of impressive lighting fixtures. You can include the decorative lights at the top and bottom of your mirror. Bouncing off the mirror, the lighting additions will effectively illuminate your vanity area, making it appear trendy and sophisticated.

Styles of Vanity Lighting

Styling is the fun part of bathroom vanity lighting. Choose what fits your personality and bathroom décor. Here are a few inspirational tips:

• Shades: Choose cylinder-shaped vanity lights for a modern look or a classic bell shape for a more traditional bath. Textured shades can also add dimension to your bathroom while simple clear shades can help you get more light output.

• Finishes: Choose a bathroom LED light that complements the finishes of your bathtub, sink, and shower faucets for a cool, unified look.

• For a spa-like look and feel, consider adding clean lines, glossy fixtures, and bathroom sconce lighting.

Looking for attractive vanity light that can help you carry out your grooming and beautification rituals with ease and satisfaction? Well, LED bathroom vanity lighting ticks all the right boxes. We’ve highlighted a few tips for getting the most of your LED bathroom lighting in this article, so all you need to do is take action and transfigure your bath experience.