Interior and exterior decoration consists of many elements and a good design means a harmony between these elements. The factors that affect good interior and exterior design are a little different, and should be studied separately. However, in both cases, it is the accent lighting that blends and harmonizes all the elements of decoration.


Furniture, lighting, flooring, rugs, accessories, even electronics contribute to the overall environment in an interior space. When it comes to lighting, it is important to separate task or general lighting with accent lighting. When used correctly, ambient lights help blend various elements of the interior to create a harmonious environment.


In most cases, accent lights provide indirect lighting by creating illumination via reflecting from walls and ceilings. In other cases, they are used to highlight certain furniture and architectural features of the space. For these purposes, one can look at wall sconces and directional lights, as well as LED strip lights and recessed lights. Dimmable products are preferable for accent lights, since the ability to manage the intensity of the light can help tweak the overall balance of the d├ęcor. Directional lights such as rail lighting and picture lights can be used to highlight certain objects and features of the house.


Sconces are ideal for complementing light fixtures for general use and help maintain the design theme throughout the living space. For accentuating walls, recessed lights are ideal and are commonly used especially in contemporary interiors. The use of LED strip lights as accent lighting can be found where decorators highlight an architectural feature, parts of the ceiling, walls, as well as hallways.


When it comes to exteriors, plants and green areas take up an important role in the layout. To highlight certain plants and green areas in the patio, the use of flood lights are extremely popular. LED technology further enhanced the capabilities of flood lights, allowing them to change color and tone with the flick of a switch. Ground recessed lights are also a popular choice to illuminate some of the outdoor walls and posts.


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