modern ceiling lights for compact homes by crystorama

When you picture a cool modern home, you probably envision something really sleek and open with grand sculptural light fixtures that are more art than light. There are many small modern homes though and just because a home is compact doesn’t mean that it can’t have knock-out modern lighting that can stun with the best of them!

Here is a list of the 5 best and top modern ceiling lights for your small, but chic and modern home

#1 – The Mini Pendant

Lite Source 1 light mini-pendant

There are many options when it comes to how you can use these versatile little lights. They are compact which is perfect for a smaller home, but they come in a large number of designs with modern styling, which is great! This mini pendant in particular is stunning with its sleek glass and chrome design. For example you could use a couple of these on each side of an entry door, have a few hanging above the sink, or hanging one on each side of the bed for unique reading lights.

#2 – The Semi-Flush Mount

Depending on the ceiling height of your small home, a semi-flush mount light can work well for creating some drama without causing headroom issues.  These lights hang a bit lower than a flush ceiling light would, but are generally much higher than chandeliers. This Semi-Flush light, has a beautiful walnut finish, which lends the design on this fixture more to the mid-century modern style. Something like this would work great in a hallway, a bedroom, or even above a bathtub – among other uses.

#3 – The Island or Billiard Light

Just because a home is small, doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for a statement light. Island and billiard light fixtures are actually great for smaller houses because they create a lot of light, but can be used creatively to not take up a ton of space. For example, this Margot fixture by Kenroy could be used, obviously, over a small island, but you could also use it as dining room light, in a bathroom as vanity lighting, or above a living room mantle.

#4 – The Flush Mount

Flush mount lights are the easiest ceiling fixtures to use in a smaller home. The fact that they are so close to the ceiling means that they can be put virtually anywhere regardless of the amount of headroom. Just look at this crystal and glass piece! It is totally spectacular and only takes up 7 inches of headroom; that is amazing!

#5 – The Recessed Light

The unsung hero of small home lighting is the recessed light. These lights may be little and subtle, but they can pack a big punch when it comes to the amount of light they give off. They are perfect for small homes, since they take up no headroom and barely take up any ceiling space at all. Using several of these in a space really does give a nice designer effect too!

What is your selection and style for modern ceiling lights for small homes?

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