this to consider when buying a crystla chandelier

Crystal Chandeliers are known for their elegance and beauty. They can enhance the beauty of any room in your house. Chandeliers come in different shapes and sizes and you can place them anywhere you like depending the space.

Selecting a crystal chandelier can be very confusing and tough, if you don’t know what factors to consider when buying one. At LightingParadise, we are glad to help customers know the nitty-gritty details while buying this important decorating element.

Here are a few things that you should consider when buying a crystal chandelier

Size of the Room
Start with the basics, you must be sure of the size of the room where you are placing the crystal chandelier. Don’t try to be over efficient by placing a large fixture in a small place. It will give a very unpleasant look. Similarly, a small fixture in a large space will give the room a dwarfed look. Know the dimension of your room and consult with the chandelier expert to help you select the right chandelier.

Consider the Design and Decoration
Design and decoration is another thing that you need to keep in mind before a crystal chandelier. The design of the chandelier should compliment that of the room, it should match with the surroundings. A crystal chandelier that blends in with the room will look very impressive and give a classy touch to your house.

Which Light is used in the Chandelier?
Not only is the outer decoration of the chandelier important but also the inner part. The lights used in the crystal chandelier should be of top quality. The lighting has to be perfect or else it will ruin the impression. A good general rule is to try to keep the total wattage of all the bulbs to no more than 200 to 400 watts.

Selecting the Crystals
The focal point of a crystal chandelier is the crystal. Different types are available including the strass crystals, imperial crystals, regal crystals and Swarovski spectra crystals. The strass crystals are considered as the best in the world. They are absolutely flawless, but also cost more. The imperial crystals are highly sophisticated; they are cut and designed to precision by experts. Regal crystals are more traditional in terms of their design and use. They are cut by hand and designed through a process that is as old as the hills. Lastly, the Swarovski crystals are an alternate to the expensive strass crystals. They provide luxury at an affordable price. So choose wisely depending on what suits your budget.

Choosing the Chandelier Frame
When you buy a chandelier, you will also need to get a good chandelier frame. The frame adds to the beauty of the crystal chandelier. So choose carefully if you seek perfection.

Finally, Crystal chandeliers are easily available these days, but before you order one, consider these key factors so that you make full use of your investment and beautify your home.

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