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We are one of the oldest and best known lighting showrooms in South Florida. Located at the heart of Miami, Lighting Paradise showroom offers endless possibilities in lighting design. From dining room chandeliers to outdoor wall lights, you will be able to find many options in our showroom and online store. We also carry a variety of indoor and outdoor ceiling fans for every budget and home decor. Finish off your decor with our ceiling fans that in many finishes including brass, bronze, nickel and black. Our fan blades come in many shapes and materials, assuring an excellent fit to your home decor, whether if it is traditional or modern.

Miami is a town that sees the clash of two prominent design themes; Mediterranean and ultra modern. It is not uncommon to see a house with Spanish architecture neighboring an ultra-modern and minimalist one.

Lighting Paradise is proud of serving both styles with the diverse portfolio of indoor and exterior lights and fans. Browse through our online store for modern pendants and lamps for your contemporary home. For traditional homes, we carry a wide variety of crystal chandeliers and alabaster pendants.

Outdoors are a major part of people's lives in cities with warm climates like Miami. Families frequently use their gardens and patios for weekend get-togethers as well as for winding down after work. A beautiful garden deserves the right lighting. Our expansive knowledge and the vast selection of outdoor light fixtures will allow you to find the ideal product you are looking for. Old world, Mediterranean, minimalist and ultra-modern outdoor lights are just a few of the styles we offer. Whether you need contemporary finishes such as satin nickel, chrome and black, or you are looking for a more traditional look with a gold, antique or old bronze finish, we have them all.

We encourage you to browse through all our categories and brands, and know that a veteran sales professional is always a phone call away

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  • Trendy Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen Island

    You must have noticed that whenever you have friends and relatives over at your place, everyone mostly ends up in the kitchen because it is where everyone feels most comfortable. Having a kitchen island is such a blessing in these situations as it provides ample space for everyone to gather around, and that is why it needs to be well-decorated, with ambient lighting. 

  • How to install crystal chandeliers

    How to install crystal chandeliers

    Whether it is an iron chandelier with some crystal drops or you just went “all in” and got yourself a European style empire crystal chandelier with thousands of crystal drops on it, we will guide you on how to get this task completed with ease.

  • Let there be Light!

    Spice up modern home décor and design with modern lighting

    Your contractor just put the finishing touches on your new modern entertainment room. Now all you need to do is to install lighting that will complement the décor. Because let’s face it, great Aunt Edna’s dusty Venetian chandelier will only stick out like a sore thumb

    Nafi Sinmaz
  • 10 types of crystal grades and which is better?

    How are chandelier crystals made and which ones are the best ones? We hope that you find this information useful.  

  • What is my country's electrical power

    If you are buying a lighting fixture to export outside the United States, it is advised that you make sure the fixture can be used with the electrical outlets or wiring in your destination country. Each country uses different plugs, wiring, different electrical current, voltage and bulbs.

  • Cool Friday finds by LP Team

    Here are some cool stuff that our team has found for your home. Modern kitchen pendants and island lights can be used in almost any modern kitchen setting. Check out these specially hot fixtures from top brands  !

    LP Team
  • Add sparkle to your Miami Condo with a crystal chandelier

    Crystal chandeliers are some of the most sought after chandeliers in the market. Although crystal light fixtures usually adorn homes with classic decor, one should remember that there are many contemporary crystal chandelier models that grace ultra-modern interiors as well. We can group crystal chandeliers in three categories:

  • How to select a crystal chandelier for your dining room

    A crystal chandelier is the focal point of any dining room. Selecting yours can be a time consuming task if you are not sure about what style or finish to choose for your room. Whether your style is modern or traditional, it is imperative to know the ceiling height of your room, as well as its width and length before you start shopping for a crystal ceiling light.

  • How to achieve a Mediterranean look in your outdoor area

    There is no other setting that delivers an inviting look the way a Mediterranean décor does. The motifs of Moroccan accessories, fabrics and rugs from Turkey, and the old world look of lamps and lanterns from the coasts of Italy, France and Spain. Blend them right and you will have a patio most will envy.


  • Table Lamps and Shades

    A table lamp is perhaps the most widely used accent light in homes as well as hotels and clubhouses. The versatility and mobility of a table lamp is what makes it so popular and useful. You can use it practically anywhere in your home to complement the décor. Moreover, table lamps make great reading lamps. Many table lamps grace the tops of study desks.

  • Ultra-Modern Chandeliers

    Modern light fixtures have innovative designs, not all of them can be used everywhere. For example, if the mission is to find a modern dining room chandelier, then the search should be concentrated on modern chandeliers that have downward lights. It is important to apply sufficient lighting to the dining table, but this does not mean compromising the décor.

    Nafi Sinmaz
  • Floor Lamps and Miami Living

    Today, we are going to talk about another favorite in everybody's homes. The bigger brother of table lamps, floor lamps are also a commonly used lamp type. Depending on the style, these free standing lights can be minimally invasive to home decor or make a bold design statement. Some floor standing lamp models are also great comfort lamps, 

    Nafi Sinmaz